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We understand that your decision to embark on this potentially life changing journey is very important, so we are happy to answer any and all questions you may have. As it has been for us, we know it is not only important for you, but also for your family and your future. We will gladly guide you step by step during your discovery process. Here are just a few of the most commonly asked questions but please feel free to call us, (214) 221-1147, and we’ll help dissipate any questions you may have. No matter how many calls it takes.

"I’m afraid of the economy, should I start a business now?"

After the most recent ups and downs of the economy, Americans have become more cautious about lavish expenses and are spending more and more time at home. “Staycations”, in which individuals and families travel less and stay home to relax have seen a dramatic increase. This means more sales for Eureka Producers. If you look around, you will see landscaping businesses, high end barbeque supply stores, patio & decking companies and remodeling companies all experiencing unprecedented sales growth. Things like the Eureka furniture that improve life at home are great opportunities on these new economic times. 

"Will the Eureka Business work part time?"

Yes, the Eureka Business Program is 100% flexible and adaptable to the time you can invest on it. You are your own boss and you decide how much time you can or want to put into it. The Program works as well if you want to make it your main activity as if you want it to be a side income (nights and weekends). In fact, some of our most successful Producers started part-time and grew to full-time. Your reward in this business is directly proportional to the time and energy you put into the business.

"I'm afraid to spend the money... I might lose my investment."

Even though there is risk inherent with every investment, the advantage of the Eureka Program is that each program comes with enough lumber and hardware to recover over 70% of our investment. The working capital is already included on the purchase of the program. Making the risk of losing all your money very low. Just by building and selling the furniture that you can build with the materials included in the program, you would already recover most of your investment. This is an incredible way to minimize your risk (not offered by any other program). Once you buy your second load of lumber and hardware, and sell its corresponding furniture, you will not only have recovered all your investment but made your investment already profitable! Therefore the risk is minimal compared with other business opportunities available out there which requires high investment, full time commitment, high overhead and high risk. From our point of view, this is a low risk and high potential reward opportunity.

"What is the return on investment on my money?"

It is a difficult question because the Eureka Business Program is so flexible that you dictate your return on investment. The more time you invest in the business, the more you’ll make and sell, and obviously the more return you’d get on your investment. So we’d recommend you look at it on a return per hour invested in the business. Once you get some practice, you should be able to make a chair in 2-3 hours. That chair should yield about $180 in profit (gross margin after materials). Therefore, the real question is: are you going to do it full time or part time?

"Can I but one Program and upgrade to another later on?"

Absolutely, the Eureka Business Programs are designed to be flexible and fit your needs and your market demand. You don't have to jump from Program to Program. Once you are a Eureka Producer, you can upgrade jigs and templates as your business grows. You can even upgrade one jig or one template at a time. You manage your business growth!

"What is the difference between your Program and a franchise?"

The Eureka Business Program is not a franchise. Once you buy the program, it is your own business. There is no franchising fees and no royalties moving forward. There is no limits or quotas with what you can do with your business. All we have is a small fixed License renewal fee of $300 a year no matter how much you grow. Eureka gives you the foundation and allows you to build it from there, with all the support that you need!

"Does Eureka provide training?"

Yes! Eureka conducts a 2-day intensive training class in our Dallas facility on a regular basis. During those two days you will spend your time in our shop learning, building furniture and having fun. Class sizes are very small to ensure you get plenty of one-on-one instruction. During Day One: You will learn proper use of the Eureka FactoryTracTM jig & template system; actual production techniques for your shop; short cuts and much more. After the first day you’ll see that with our system, anyone can build our furniture. During Day Two: A large portion of this day is dedicated to sales & marketing techniques and strategies and how to market to the retail, wholesale and commercial markets. We clarify the sales process and create a much better focus for your efforts to generate sales. Producers who attend the training class say: "What a great shortcut... it makes the whole production and sales process so much clearer and easier... I now have the tools I need to build and sell my outdoor furniture... every Producer should attend!"

"I know I can build the furniture, but I am concerned about the marketing and selling. I'm not a sales person."

Eureka provides you with sales and marketing materials to get your business off to a fast start. We also share with you proven sales strategies that work. You get sales and marketing training, sales brochures, website and much more. Eureka’s 500+ Producers attest to the fact that the Eureka sales and marketing Program really helps you implement techniques to sell furniture.

"How much space do I need in my garage or shop?"

The Eureka Business Program was designed to minimize the space required by utilizing a portable production system and cut-to-length lumber supply so that a two-car garage or about 400 square feet is all that is required. There are a number of inexpensive ways to increase the size of your shop including a storage building or renting a nearby mini storage unit to store your lumber and finished product.

"I don't have any tools or equipment. Am I going to have to spend a fortune to equip my shop?"

We designed the Eureka production system so that common home woodworking equipment is all that is required to get started. If you had no woodworking equipment whatsoever, you could get the tools that you need to equip your shop for less than $2,500! Later on, as you grow, you can upgrade your equipment as needed.

"Once I get started, will I have the support and will someone be available to answer my questions?"

Our motto is, "Once you become a Eureka Producer, you are part of the family”. That is why the Eureka staff is available to assist Producers 24/7.

"Will this furniture really sell?"

It is incredible, but time and time again we see that when people seat on our chairs, they fall in love with the comfort and buy them! The Eureka furniture is not only incredibly comfortable but also has great appearance, best outdoor material (Western Red Cedar), providing the best value for the price. The Eureka customers enjoy the idea of buying furniture made in the USA by local craftsman.

"The outdoor furniture market is saturated"

Quite the opposite, according to Orbis Research, “the outdoor furniture market in US is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 3.95% during the period 2017-2021.” After peaking on 2007, sales of outdoor furniture plummeted on 2009, followed by growth between 2009 and 2014 says Freedonia. The trend of the multibillion dollar industry is supported by the latest years’ economic growth, increasing at-home outdoor entertaining and "staycations". And even more important, handcrafted outdoor furniture products that are made of natural, durable, and weather-resistant materials are in high demand, as they provide an aesthetic appeal to the outdoor space.

"I can download plans to build furniture online, why do I need to spend the money on the Program?”

There are two reasons why woodworkers fail to make money in their shops. One, it takes too long to build the product; using too much material; with too much scrap and too much rework. Two, they do not know how to effectively market their product. You can certainly try that, or get a system that lets you build a very saleable, popular product in a short time (typically 2-3 hours from start to finish for a Eureka Adirondack chair) and it's the same every time. Eureka has taken the guess-work out of marketing and selling this popular product line whether it is to retail, wholesale or commercial markets.

“Why should I choose your Program in particular?”

First of all, because there is no other program that is a business in a box like Eureka. Secondly, because we have over 500 producers that have already tried and succeeded in the market. Lastly, because Eureka has spent over 15 years, thousands of man-hours and a large investment developing the FactoryTracTM system. The state-of-art jigs & templates, sales & marketing materials, lumber & hardware sourcing and more comprise the Eureka Producer Program and will facilitate you to be able to start your business while minimizing your risk in the process.

"What other suggestions do you have?"

  • Involve your family early on in the decision-making process
  • It is very easy to look at reasons why not to do it, follow your heart and don’t let excuses to get on the way, whether it’s Eureka or another business model, just follow your passion of becoming a small business owner
  • If you’ll need funding, even though is an important element, don’t let it be a deterrent, find out if the Program is right for you first… If it’s meant to be, funding will follow
  • Once you have all the information that you need and feel confident about the model, your decision will be very easy

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