In 2002, Eureka Woodworks was built on a simple idea: offer cost-effective alternatives that meet stringent timelines to manufactured wood products.

America's favorite woodworking business opportunity

We love working with wood. The feel. The grain. The smell. The satisfaction of making something.

For more than 15 years, we have applied that love to providing affordable, handcrafted woodworking products and opportunities for businesses and individuals.

But the one thing that we appreciate more than woodworking is sharing that appreciation with our customers.

Since 2002, our woodworking business program has enabled craftsmen around the world to literally convert garages and small workshops into mini furniture factories. Producing and selling Eureka’s carefully designed, highly profitable outdoor furniture line, we have helped turn a cottage industry into big business. To learn more about our business programs, please visit us at

During 2009, our extensive woodworking experience and our state of the art shop allowed us to expand our business to manufacturing point of sale promotional products and displays for various advertising and marketing agencies, giving birth to the our business unit providing retail solutions. To learn more about our promotional products capabilities, please visit us at

In 2017, Eureka embarked on a new journey with a new management team that is working on moving the company to the next level of growth and customer service.

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